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Square(Rectangular) Pipe Concrete Column

1.Square (rectangular) pipe concrete column is defined as the welded square or rectangular pipe column or box column filled with high-strength concrete to form structural member bearing the outside loads.
2.Advantages of this type:

High bearing capacity and less steel consumption
The steel concrete member under the axial pressure plus the steel pipe restriction effect will be at the status of three-directional pressed, whose strength will be further enhance; because of the existing concrete, the pipe wall failure will be prevented at the early stage which will then fully make use of the steel bearing capacity. The two combined together with each other's advantages can enable the bearing capacity of the steel pipe concrete much higher than the sum of the individual pipe and the core concrete themselves. Under the same bearing conditions, the pipe concrete column will use much less steel than simple steel column.

Good plasticity and deformation capacity with better energy-saving capacity
The concrete is brittle, especially for the core concrete under the steel pipe restriction, the plasticity will be improved during the application stage, but also large plastic deformation capacity can be obtained when damaged; this structure tenacity is good when the compacting loads or vibration loads are applied.

Seismic performance
When combining with the concrete, the joint area with rigidity and high bearing of anti-shearing, the structure can avoid the disadvantages of pure steel columns under strong earthquakes or shear failure; CFST column frame structure, whose damping is larger than pure steel with strong energy dissipation. For plastic stage, strength and stiffness degradation is relatively slow, hysteretic envelope curve is plump, seismic performance is better than concrete frame. Under strong earthquake, it is easier to meet the requirements of the seismic mechanism of strong column with weak beam.

Lateral stiffness, good stability
Compared with pure steel columns frame, lateral resistance of concrete filled steel pipe whose column frame is with large stiffness, small lateral displacement, good positioning, good stability with less side effects.

Good performance
When caught fire, the concrete will absorb extra heat more than that of the pure steel structure, reducing the fire-protection treatment cost and stiffening working quantity after fired.

Convenient Construction
Compare with the rebar concrete column, the pipe concrete column needs not steel binding, and formworks, with simple construction method. Since there is no rebar in pipe concrete, the concrete placement will be much easier. Compare with pure pipe column, the pipe wall is thinner and lighter, which would reduce the transportation and hoist cost.

3.Implementation the standards of: "Technical specification for concrete rectangular pipe" (CECS159-2004), "the design and construction rules steel concrete structures" (CECS28-2012), "steel Concrete Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance "(GB50628-2010), Technical Specification for Steel Structure of Tall Buildings (JGJ99-1998) and so on.

Steel Frame supporting system-welded H beams

1. Welded H beam is called upon the welding process for the H shape section of the member, SAW (submerged arc welding) and high frequency welding method are adopted.

H-beam using SAW technology: steel - Automatic Slitting - Assembling - automatic submerged arc - Testing - flange straightening - web Correction - face machining - sand-blasting - painting. Automatic submerged arc welding.Production line from cutting - assemblage - welding all controlled by computer to ensure the production of H-beam dimensional accuracy, weld quality have reached the national standard GB50205-2001.

High-frequency welding H-beam: high-frequency current by the local self-melting metal welding without wire, flux. High speed continuous production, high yield, easy to implement mechanization and automation. Same cross-section has an excellent cross-section performance.

 2.Product advantages:

The more hot-rolled H-beam cross section modulus, high capacity;

Sectional dimension of flexibility and save steel consumption;

It can be customized on demand special steel, such as the upper and lower flanges of different width or unequal thickness and the like;

Beam - using full penetration welds, reliable welding quality

Making simple and can be automated continuous production, high degree of industrialization;

H-shaped steel beam web can open line hole, saving valuable headroom space, especially large-diameter pipeline basement space savings, its advantages.

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